Internationally renowned German Cinematography, Director and Producer

R olf Brüning is an internationally renowned German Cinematography, Director and Producer, and Director of Photography for several international movies that won Cannes Film Festival Award, two Golden Camera Awards, Golden Jupiter Award, and other awards and nominations.

Rolf Brüning studied in Germany and the United States of America. First film steps was in cooperation with the Bayer AG in Leverkusen.

In the following years Rolf Brüning worked for cinema and television, as in commercial advertising films for various famous international companies such as Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Henkel, SAP, and other major companies.

Rolf Brüning produced and directed many documentaries. For a reasonable amount of years he has also been on the set as D.O.P for daily soaps and TV feature films, such as “Wonder of Lengede”, “12 Winter”, and “At Home in the Mountains” which won many Awards in international film festivals.